…” When in the flea market I take an old lamp in my hands, I can’t help wondering why the master formed its socket to last for 200 years, even though he had only 30 left – and today why doesn’t this attitude permeate the world.

I just simply cannot live my life among modern newly constructed things. 

The old things are around me to fill me up with the spirit they preserve – so that my movements may then be as temporal as a jingle of a melody, a step of a dance or a sip of wine – have such effects as the old masters’ works, which are able to prove the importance of our being here. “…

Demeter Zoltán (RM) – 2009  Decanter

My winery was founded in 1996 with the intent to take a full and active part in the recognition and rediscovery of Tokaj terroir and its wines. I obtained the professional basis partly in the Budapest University of Horticulture, partly in the United States, France and Great Britain. 

I have participated in the life of Tokaj-Hegyalja since 1993, launching and running foreign-owned wineries.

In the first year of my private enterprise I produced wine from the family vineyard -Boda- in Sátoraljaújhely by means of the traditional wine cellar. In the following years I purchased lands in different parts of Tokaj-Hegyalja: Szerelmi vineyard in Tokaj, Veres, Betsek and Ősz-hegy vine yards in Mád, Hold-völgy and Új-hegy vineyards in Rátka and the Kakas and Lapis vineyards in Bodrogkeresztúr. Today I produce wines from 9 different vineyards in 5 settlements, totalling 7 hectares.

Wine fermentation and maturation takes place in the cellar of a historic house built in 1790 in the town of Tokaj. Using up my opportunities I strive to make single vineyard selections each year. I produce wines in 3 categories, which are, dry/sparkling, Főbor and Aszú wines, which I am inclined to think are most clearly able to reflect the uniqueness of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Through conscious yield restriction one can understand the optimal maturity and uncover the diversity and richness of each vineyard. I eagerly try to promote Tokaj’s revised position on the world map of wine.

Higher certificate examination – WSET / UK (1992)
Winemaker of winemakers – 2007 / Hungary
The most popular producer in Hungary – Friends of wine magazine (2007)
My Wines of the Year – Wine Spectator / Matt Kramer – USA (2011)
Wine of the year – Aszú 2008 – Borigo magazine (2015)
The most exciting wines of 2018 – Eszter 2013 – Decanter / UK (2019)

Demeter Zoltán

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