photo: Eszter Demeter


…“ When in the flea market I take an old lamp in my hands, I can’t help wondering why the master formed its socket to last for 200 years, even though he had only 30 left – and today why doesn’t this attitude permeate the world.

I just simply cannot live my life among modern newly constructed things.

The old things are around me to fill me up with the spirit they preserve – so that my movements may then be as temporal as a jingle of a melody, a step of a dance or a sip of wine – have such effects as the old masters’ works, which are able to prove the importance of our being here. ”…

Zoltán Demeter (RM) – 2009 Decanter

Our wines

With our wines, we aim to showcase the reality of terroir diversity. The terroirs directly influence the quality of the wines and allow us to present the diversity and uniqueness of our region to the world. The emerging wine qualities – including sparkling wines, single vineyard dry wines that convey the special terroirs, Prime wines, and Aszú wines – are revitalized according to guidelines interpreted from historical perspectives.

We consider it one of the most exciting endeavours to establish a connection with people from past centuries through understanding the message of our wines.


The surface of the Tokaj wine region, shaped by volcanic processes millions of years ago, stands as a remarkable example of the uniqueness and diversity of terroir worldwide. For centuries, the wine world celebrated the impact of these geological formations on viticulture through the enjoyment and praise of the wines produced here. However, this era has faded into obscurity. It is now our responsibility as well to make the joy and success of past centuries understandable to our era and reintroduce the mystique of this special place to the world.

In the borders of five settlements in Tokaj-Hegyalja, we explore the uniqueness and potential of world-class wine quality in nine vineyards, which we consider one of the most fascinating things in life.


The faith, the interpretive and visionary skills of communities, as well as the need for collective thinking, are the driving forces behind the success of a region and the foundation of a social environment. In these conditions, individual responsibility shapes the path the community takes. We believe that a good example holds great power and prevents the community from sinking into mediocrity, especially where the potential for world-class excellence meets the reality of everyday life. To this end, we seize every opportunity to ensure that the future success of our wine region is accessible to everyone. This is why we operate our foundation.


winery tour – wine tasting – personally

You can meet the owners of one of the leading wineries in Tokaj region, learn the most important grape varieties and wine categories through fives wines in the historical building of our winery, in the heart of Tokaj old town.

Lectures - interviews

Availability of our wines

By clicking on the link below, you will find a list of our partners and places where you can find our wines.

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